It has been over an year i am using Clean architecture for enterprise mobile applications. However i feel now the time has arrived to update the architectural template as my existing boilerplate is extensively using Rxjava (I am a big fan of Rxjava though :)). Even i can’t believe my self as i am moving from RxJava to Kotlin Coroutines. I was exploring coroutine and Flow since last couple of months, and i am convinced enough to make a shift from Rxjava to Coroutine and flow.

This boilerplate project is created to serve as an architectural template which can be…

I have really struggled with my time management skills in the past especially when i have multiple things to be taken care. Being a Senior member in the team, Mostly i will be involved in several projects and there were situations where people reach out to me at the same time and i simply ignore the distractions for some time and finish what i have so far and once i am done, take the next one. Later i have realized that this technique doesn’t works at all and it ended up raising complaints that we are not getting support at…

Lajesh Ds

Technology enthusiast focuses mainly on Mobile application development.

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